Giving The Boot To Lice Nits

Lice are a common problem that most people face at least once, usually when they are young. These parasites live in the hair and can survive there quite a while if they are not removed. A thorough treatment is needed to make sure that every last trace of the nits has been eradicated, or the nits will keep coming back. The following procedure will eliminate lice nits and make the hair clean again.

Close-up Of Doctor Hand With Comb And Dermatoscope Doing Treatment Of Patient's HairBefore the nits can be removed from the head, they must first become unstuck. Lice place their nits at the root of the hair because it is the ideal place for the nits to grow into adult lice. This area is closest to the scalp, so it’s warm and moist enough for the nits. A mixture of vinegar and water will dissolve the glue that the lice use to hold the nits in place, making it easier to remove them. Three parts of a five to seven percent concentration of vinegar to six parts water will do the job. Get the mixture deep into the scalp and all over the hair.

Once the vinegar and water mixture has loosened the nits, comb them out with a steel lice comb. Do this under a bright light for maximum visibility. Divide the hair into thin sections and comb, starting from the top. After each combing, place the comb in a solution of warm water and vinegar to get rid of any nits and lice that have collected on it. As the sections of hair become completed, either braid the hair or use a clip to fasten it together to keep lice from moving onto the sections that have already been done.

Combing out the nits and lice can take many hours, especially if the hair is longer. Once done, give the hair a wash with a regular or medicated shampoo. The lice still have a chance to spread, so use hot water to wash any clothes that were being worn during the removal, towels, and the lice comb. Go over the cleaning area with a vacuum cleaner to suck up any lice and nits that may have escaped. Other people that have come in contact with the nit and lice infested hair might have them, so be sure to check their hair too.

Scarves, hats, clothes, pillows, and bed sheets should be washed in hot water, or as an alternative, placed in an air tight bag and frozen for a day to kill the lice. Furniture and carpets can be cleaned for lice, but these areas aren’t particularly ideal for the survival of lice and their nits, so they will die pretty quickly if they are left on them.

This removal treatment must be done again within seven days to prevent any missed nits from creating more lice in the hair and making things worse. Twice that same week is optimal. If desired, the hair can also be cut short to prevent more lice and nits from coming. Since the lice will have nowhere to hide and nothing to stick their nits on, they will move on to a more suitable candidate.

All of the combing and washing will all be worth it when the lice nits are finally gone. Although it may be embarrassing to have these pests, if the proper procedure is done, they will only be a thing of the past.